In Tartu Estonia

In Tartu Estonia

After several months in Estonia, the situation does not allow me to go to the places I would like to go. After staying a while in Tallinn, I decided to go for a walk in the second city of the country which is Tartu. Tartu is located in the south east of Estonia, not far from the border of the street. It is a calm city without problems which however has an interesting animation. Indeed, many shops and cafes stay open quite late at night.

To get to Tartu, you have to take the train or the bus in Tallinn. In two hours you will be in the second city of the country for a more than modest cost. Less accommodation possible than in Tallinn but it is possible to find good places on AirBnb. The station is located close to the city center so it is simple to reach the center from the station or to go to an accomodation.

There are many parks in the city of Tartu which confirms the dominance of green spaces throughout the country. There are also differences in level with small hills, which gives a special charm.It is possible to do the entire city center on foot because everything is on a human scale. It is also possible to take self-service bicycles to have some freedom. Lots of cool cafes and bars are located in town centers, all in a charming setting of historic buildings.

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