Few days in Malacca

Few days in Malacca

Visit of malacca. After Kuala Lumpur I decided to go to Malacca. Located 2 hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a Dutch, Portuguese, English and Malaysian influence in the buildings, which makes the architecture of the buildings very pleasant. It’s a nice place.

I did not know Malaysia and I discovered part of the country. Malaysia is a cheap country, like its transport network which is surprisingly cheap. Open the train to take the bus which is an impressive way to get around Malaysia. In every city you have whole bus terminals traveling all over the country with modern and comfortable buses, all for an almost ridiculous price. This is the best way to get around the city.

After the world of Kuala Lumpur Malacca is much quieter. A very touristy place even if you will see mostly Asian tourists. It’s a place to see for a few days. Outside the colonial buildings you have a lot of quality food and a rather pleasant tropical environment.

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