Come back in Kaohsiung

Come back in Kaohsiung

Back in Kaohsiung for several weeks during the sunny season. It is indeed one of my favorite cities in Asia where I can easily stay asking myself because I have landmarks and that it is a city that I appreciate. I think that when you travel it is important to have a few places that can be landmarks and where you feel good to stay for a while. I really appreciate the Gushan district located at the water’s edge with a marina and a wonderful walk to do. Japperçois and some of my first choices in terms of location were good choices since I am currently going back.

Indeed the climate in Taiwan is semi-tropical. So there is a winter, but I assure you the winters are not very cold. About 25 degrees in the afternoon and 18 degrees at night. The advantage of this season is that the weather is good almost every day and that at the same time it is not really hot. You can wear a t-shirt during the day and put on a little sweater during the evening. I still had the opportunity to experience some exceptional cool days with only 18 degrees in the afternoon, however, this is very rare.

Kaohsiung is my favorite city in Taiwan. It is a modern city where it is easy to move and settle. I would say that what I like is the proximity to the sea, so I regularly land on the water to admire the sunset. The other positive point is that it is easy to take a bicycle and to walk in many places in the city. This is my new discovery, the joy of moving around with the city’s self-service bikes.

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