Avoid the scams in Thailand

Avoid the scams in Thailand

Thailand is a very touristic country, and also famous for these scams. Moreover, only it would be even more annoying to fly and get ripped off. You must know that there everything is concentrated on the money between locals and tourists.

You will regularly fall on people trying to sell you anything and everything, trying to make you pay more expensive etc … However with common sense, without naivety and having read the possible scams beforehand, it does not matter. There are not many risks of having problems. In addition to spending money on food, food and product purchases, you agree that the payer pays more for tourist attractions, taxis and other fees. Indeed there are in many places, a price for locals, and a price for tourists. So it is true that by my analysis an entry on some sites of visit at the price of a local would be extremely. And in this way for the quality of the site I understand to pay an entry at the price that I paid for it.

However, by question of principle it is still special and surprising to see this. And sometimes the differences are pretty huge The problem in Thailand is the impression that everything is concentrated around money and that the tourist is a person trying to pluck or make the most money. Fortunately, you will also find wonderful people and true and endearing sales people.

The scam of the jet ski :

This scam is one of the most classic in Thailand, take a Jet Ski tour where everything goes very well, sun, sea and fun. Even if you have your jet ski, you are responsible for creating damages on it, scratches etc and it is your fault, that to extract some extra bahts. The problem is that you have not signed, signed contracts, and no one can verify anything. Plus if you do not want to have the problem with them or deal with the police, you will pay the extra small amount without flinching. Although it does not happen every time and thankfully, but it is possible that it happens.

Theft in hotels :

Theft in hotels is a rare phenomenon, however it can happen and it is important to be aware of it. This is why it can be important to pay a few euros more for a more famous hotel and avoid unpleasant surprises. In guesthouses and other first-price hotels, there are times when you do not have a lock, where the service remains to be desired and your confidence is disturbed. In a secure hotel you will be sure to have no problem. If you definitely feel that you are seeing pain everywhere, you can take a room with a safe, this way you can leave your belongings inside. Theft on buses and trains: Also a rarer phenomenon but that can however happened. When you take a bus you will be required to leave your main luggage in the cargo hold. Of course during stops, you stay in the bus and there is a risk of being stolen his luggage without being able to intervene. Keep your most important belongings in your carry-on, and take a look to watch during stops.

The Tuk Tuk’s scam :

Another classic scam of Thailand is the Tuk Tuk scam. In many street corners, you will hear the recurring phrase of the taxi driver “where are you go? ” In Bangkok, in all areas of the city, you can meet a tuk tuk driver who will suggest driving you to a temple or the destination of your choice for a ridiculously low sum. This one will stop you at a jeweler’s house asking you to enter it so that it receives a commission. You are moved and accept and inside you are under pressure from the gem vendors. He may also take you to a tailor with the same pretext. The price of taxis: As seen previously the price of taxis are trading. And so you will have to pay 2 to 3 times more than the locals. It’s hard to know if this can be considered a scam, given the difference in purchasing power you can have if you are a traveler from a Western country. However, do not be trapped and be aware of what a local would pay for the same trip. You can then make a proposal, simply explaining that the cost for a local per kilometer would be so many baht. And that as long as you offer twice as much it will be very good. Like this it will save you from 3 to 4 times more expensive. Knowing that taxis are common, if the driver is not satisfied with your price, you can always go elsewhere. Know that you will never pay anyway the same price as the locals. Similarly for taxis meters, know that he will refuse with tourists to use their meter. In some very touristy and difficult to reach areas, taxis display placards with fixed prices to go to such and such a place, often high prices.

 The grand palace is closed :

This scam can happen near any tourist attraction but still happens a lot outside the Grand Palace. As you approach, someone will tell you that the palace is closed for various reasons. Ignore them as you will end up in either a gem store or a tailor shop.

The scam of the pigeons :

In some parks you can find a single person giving seeds to eat pigeons. As tourists approach, the person urgently gives them the seeds to induce them to feed the pigeons. Once the seeds are thrown and the tourists are ready to go, they are asked for money for using the seeds. If you refuse to pay, other local people involved in the scam will come to dock you, and verbally treat you as a thief to incite you to pay.

Drugs :

Do not laugh with drugs in Thailand, drug trafficking is strictly forbidden, and especially passive severe punishment by law, going to many years in prison. In summary if you feel something fishy around you at this level, stay away from and avoid badly visited places. In addition, the police are not always very reliable, you will be asked a large sum of money for finding drugs on you.

The scam of the scooter:

The scam of the scooter rental is very similar to that of Jet Ski rental. The principle is the same. Again, do not see the bad everywhere and it will probably happen to you rarely, however it can happen and it is important to know this scam. You rent a scooter, everything goes well, then you bring it back, and it’s the tragedy: you are accused of being responsible for a scratch or having damaged the scooter, and you are asked for an exorbitant sum to repay repair costs. To protect yourself from this scam, take good care of going around the scooter by filming or taking photos with your mobile phone, it may deter attempts to scams; and in case of dispute, you will have proof of the state of the vehicle before rental.

Thai girlfriend and other bar girl :

Thailand is known for its wild nightlife and there are ‘red’ neighborhoods in all major cities. The bars girls are known to try to remove the maximum of money and consumption. Everything is usually staged with a scenario from entry to exit. The smart ones will take a few minutes to realize it while the most naïve will take months. Do not be naïve and, besides money, ask yourself what a bar girl might be interested in you. In summary you can time for an afternoon or a night but it will immediately forget the next morning. There are countless foreigners who come on vacation to Thailand and fall madly in love with a Thai bar girl. The ritual is immutable: they meet in a “Gogo Bar”, obviously, the sex is cool, and as if by chance, the young woman falls passionately in love. All 2 spend a dream holiday, during which the man will continue to pay money, while the young woman will be caring for him. Once back in his home country, the man will do everything to keep in touch with her, sending her money regularly, hoping that she will stop this activity once and for all (a promise that she made him). Then once back home she will ask you to send money to her and her family to help, in memory of the pleasant stay you have spent, making promises. In short, everything is just money, you will simply be deprived of your money for false moments of false love.

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