Arrived in Sapporo Japan

Arrived in Sapporo Japan

I arrived in Sapporo. After two weeks in Malaysia, I decided to go to Japan to Sapporo. I was not sure about going to Japan because the cost of accommodation is high. But I really keep that in mind and it was hard to travel in asia without going to Japan. So I look for the right opportunity that I found. A nice accommodation in Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido. An individual studio on AirBnb for a great price.

In the same day I booked my flight to Sapporo with my accommodation. Know that Japan from Southeast Asia like for example Malaysia is almost 8 hours of flight so it’s not nothing. Fortunately it is possible to have interesting flights on the Asian continent but for a very basic confort.

Sapporo was for me a long-time goal. In Japan it was synonymous with tranquility and cool climate. I went from the tropical climate of Malaysia to Sapporo with a fresh continental climate. But what happiness to be in this climate and this environment. If you think you have to go to Europe to have a cool climate with coniferous vegetation, amazing foliage of autumns or still coniferous forests you are wrong, you simply have to go to Japan which proposes all this. The colors are so beautiful at this moment. I think Hokkaido is amazing in every season, winter for the snow and frozen lake, spring for cherry blossom, summer for good climate and nice hikking, and automn for tree colors.

The airport is almost new and there are now many connection from many countries in Asia. To reach Sapporo Station just need to take the Rapid Line around 30 minutes. The airport is located 50 km from Sapporo. Sapporo station is amazing, modern, clean, convenient, many stores. Like many big cities in Japan the main station is like a city, shopping mall, food, connections and more. There is a full underground here on more than 600 meters plenty of shops to link Sapporo main station and Odori station, the connection of all subway line.

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