Arrived in Malaysia

Arrived in Malaysia

Arrived in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. After a month in Thailand without anything special to visit, I decided to go to Malaysia to see what was there. So I flew to Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is a tropical climate country that borders the south of Thailand. I did not think to go see I do not know why.

My first impressions are that Malaysia can be a nice destination even if there are things that are not always obvious. The transport network is excellent and surprisingly cheap compared to the quality of the service. I have never seen subway or bus tickets so cheap. It’s easy to get around Kuala Lumpur thanks to a solid public transport network. Outside the country buses are put forward and rightly so. Modern and comfortable buses for a ridiculous price in many parts of the country.

It must be known that Malaysia is a country with a great cultural diversity, and a majority of Muslims. You will find Malays, Indians, Chinese and even more. Cultural diversity is important but the Muslim religion dominates.
What is nice in Malaysia is that you have a good level of development with good infrastructure. Here no taxi driver to harass you, the road traffic is pretty good and it is nice market in the streets.

From a personal point of view I respect many positive points of Malaysia, although from a subjective point of view there are other places in Asia that I prefer.

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