Akureyri city in Summer

Akureyri city in Summer

Akureyri is the second biggest city in Iceland after Reykjavik area. This city is called the capital of the north. It is definitely a nice peaceful city that you have to see. The city is just under 50km of the polar circle. This is the only city in the north Iceland. Located of 400km form Reykjavik we can have access by road number one. The town is surrounded by the moutain. The population is just around 18000 but it is a lot for a country like Iceland.

I arrived to Akureyri by the road along the sea and cliffs. The road was very cool and under a very sunny day the view was perfect. I used road number 76 and road number 82. When i’m arrived to Akureyri the first time i thought to see a little bigger city but i was very  charmed by how cute is this city and how peaceful it was. I liked to wander in the streets of the city. We have in Akureyri a center with a main shopping street that covers souvenir shops and nice coffee and restaurant. The very nice point in Akureyri is that in despite of the size of the city we can have everything, restaurant, shopping, cinema, garden, activities, museum, library etc… and it is also a nice base camp to realize various activities near this place.

In my case i stayed two days in Akureyri. I found an accommodation with airbnb. A little expensive but very nice experience. We can do everything walking here. Being a lover of the plants i visited the botanical garden in order to discover the species of plants near the polar circle and under this climate. The garden is one of the northern most  botanical garden in the world and it was a nice stroll to see it. The church is also an attractive place of interest because the architecture is modern and it overhangs the city so we can have a nice view. During the night the church is totally illuminated and it is the central place of the city.

Permanently i have a good memory about Akureyri and i would like to come again and to stay longer on this place. It is a small peacefull city belong the ocean like i like… Great to see the midnight sun during the summer and the snow with northern lights during the winter, just under the ploar circle and beside the sea. The city is so peacefull and we can make a lot of activities and have fun, having at the same time the feeling to be lost and far from everything because we are in Iceland and it is the only city in the  north, and i like this feeling…

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