Iceland best waterfalls in Europe

Iceland best waterfalls in Europe

If you want to see great waterfalls, the best place in Europe will be Iceland. Iceland owns numerous waterfalls in all the country. The biggest in Europe is located there, called Gulfoss. It is the most knowns, but you will find many others great waterfalls. You will be able to make a trip just to explore and compare the waterfalls in the country. Around 200 are located there.

Since Iceland is a volcanic island, which in itself is special in Europe, the waterfalls are often of great beauty. Add the fact that Iceland has a reason why it is called ice land; there is an overload of melted snow and ice in summer months. In Iceland which feed the wildest rivers in Europe and produces enormous waterfalls. It is therefore no surprise that the most powerful waterfalls in Europe can be found in Iceland.

Five of the best waterfall to see :



Of course we can’t write about Icelandic waterfalls without mentioning the big ones. Gullfoss is within the Golden circle so we guess it’s the waterfall that receives the most amount of visitors every years. However during winter and sometimes before the observatory just beside the waterfall is closed because it is dangerous with the snow and the rain. The waterfall is very impressive and powerful.


Skogafoss was located right on the southern Icelandic coast, but this former sea cliff is now five kilometres from the shore, serving as a dramatic boundary between Iceland’s highlands and its coastal lowlands.
One of the biggest waterfalls in the country with a height of 25 metres, Skogafoss is perhaps most famous for its rainbow, which is almost always visible on sunny days – a phenomenon attributed to the amount of spray the fall produces, and nothing short of a photographer’s dream.


Godafoss is located on the course of the Skjálfandafljót glacial river. It rises several dozen kilometers further south in the highlands of Sprengisandur, northwest of the Vatnajökull Glacier. On this same river there are many impressive waterfalls, including Aldeyjarfoss, located much further upstream and accessible from the road F26, in the highlands.
Godafoss is not the most powerful or impressive waterfall, but it is one of the most majestic because water flows harmoniously through a particularly regular fault structured in an arc.



The Black Fall is a unique waterfall, that confirms Iceland as the land of many natural wonders. Svartifoss stands out because of the dark basalt columns, surrounding the fall. The columns formed over a long period after lava covered the rocks and the heat slowly, but persistently affected the basalt.


The highest waterfall in Iceland. It reaches a staggering 198m but it also takes a bit of an effort to get there. The ride from Reykjavik to the start of the trail is not long and takes you along the beautiful fjord of Hvalfjörður. You can also get to the top of Glýmur with a stunning view of the waterfall. The hike takes around 4 to 5 hours, round trip.


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