Why you need to travel solo

I will now show you how to travel solo. Traveling solo is not only ideal in relation to your personality, but apart from that there are strong reasons why you must travel solo. That’s why I invite you to travel alone because it’s an experience that can transform and improve your life. You can of course travel with someone else but I invite you to have this experience. I started traveling alone and I did a lot of my travels alone, I do not regret anything and it has improved the person I was.

To be free

Freedom is defined as the absence of constraints and the possibility of choosing. It is above all a voluntary realization, an attitude. One is free when one substitutes an active attitude for a situation undergone, it is you who realize your destiny instead of suffering it. It is interesting to feel free when traveling alone. We have arrived in a world so connected that we are much more dependent on man-made elements, but also dependent on others. Everything is forged around social connections, often via the products of communication, everything is forged on a desire to give free rein to temptations by the proposal of material goods. By traveling alone, you will be able to get away from some of that to get back to simpler things that will ultimately give you more freedom. You can totally travel alone, and have your laptop, a phone and an internet connection, but for the rest the relationship with the technologies, with the distractions, with the way of life is totally different.

One can find one’s form of freedom through thought, displacement, discovery, and especially solo travel.

To do what you want

Let’s move on to a more simplistic reason that is simply logical. When traveling alone, you can do what you want when you want. It’s really a big advantage, to be able to organize your days according to your interests, to be able to plan your wake up time, to eat at the time you want. You will understand everything is easy when you are alone because there is no need to compromise. Maybe in everyday life you will not see these benefits because the mode of operation is based on a routine so the approach is different. On the other hand you will be able to understand the power to be able to do what one wants while traveling. To associate with moving, being in new places, discovering new cultures and new people, doing what you want when you want to become much more powerful. The problem of traveling with one or other people, as united as you may be, is that you are always dependent on someone else, which means you have to compromise, discuss and define choice, find common destinations or common attractions. Sometimes it can happen that it completely ruins a trip. So of course there are interests to travel to two or more that we will not find in the solo trip, but I will stay here to emphasize the interest of traveling alone.

To change the daily

The solo trip will allow you to change the daily. Indeed in a routine life where everything is calibrated during the week it can sometimes become complicated to continue in this direction. This repeated character has the positive effect of giving you an impression of stability, but it can express itself a real lassitude that can push to go to see new horizons. That’s why we use vacations to change our minds. To allow yourself to blow and change air. This is also why during the holidays it is appreciated to move. However the number of weeks of holidays being very limited, a limit arises to be able to change this daily life. We remain anchored in the work or in our home years be really able to come off. The solution is to leave to travel in the long term so as to be able to change this daily life.

To change your vision of life

The solo trip will allow you to change your vision of life. This is probably one of the only ways to approach a different approach. You must have experienced travel experiences that are life experiences to change your vision. When traveling, we must often be spontaneous and we let ourselves be guided by new people we meet, we decide to walk in places full of novelties in our eyes, we discover new cultures, and therefore ways of life different. You will change your vision on many topics such as consumer society, lifestyle, lifestyle choices, comfort zone, freedom and more. The trip brings a deep reflection on all these themes and especially to give answers through the experience. I’m not saying that you will not think about these themes when you are not traveling, but I say that you will probably think little about it, and above all you will not have an answer to give for lack of concrete experiences. To give answers you must have traveled.

To change your vision on life, you have to get out of everyday life, and you have to get out of the comfort zone. Going on a trip means going out of one’s comfort zone. When we cross borders, we are confronted with another way of life, a barrier of languages, different cultures, different ways of doing things, in short, a whole different way of life. We must adapt and use creativity sometimes to achieve our ends. That’s getting out of the comfort zone.

When we come home and come back to our home country, we have a totally different view of life. We realize the true value of what is important, and the opposite of what is not. We relativize a lot of situations, we become much more tolerant, we totally review its threshold of comfort by understanding that happiness does not go through material goods or money. In short, the trip allows you to live differently in your country of origin. Because your life experiences will have brought you something unique.

To not regret

It is important not to have regret in life. That’s why from the moment you have travel ideas you have to realize them. If this hangs in your head is that you want it. And if you do not run yourself you risk the risk of regretting for the rest of your life. When we talk about travel, we often hear this phrase “I will travel later”. This is the sentence that must be avoided and above all it is one of the worst decisions to make. It’s just absurd. Yes you can be caught in the daily life with family, with work, activities, friendships. And so you have brakes to travel. These brakes we will see then how to get rid of them. The problem is that with these things you are ready to drop a part of the dream that lies dormant in you, a part of experience that you feel the desire to move forward. It is clear that in society traveling will not be what will give you rewards. You will sometimes be criticized, during the time you travel you will not contribute for retirement, you expose yourself to different moments of life. The easy way out would be a job that works, pays well, has a big house and has a family.

No matter what your surroundings or society think, you must live the life you want. You must fulfill your dreams without waiting. Sometimes you have to be selfish and think about your happiness and your achievements.

And the longer you wait, the more complicated it will be to travel, the more restrictions you have, so that’s why you should not spend your life waiting. Imagine now reaching the age of retirement without having the opportunity to discover another way of life, to discover other populations, to observe some wonders that nature offers us. And you will not have more time. That’s why we must not wait. What is important to have is the choice. To have the choice, one must be able to experiment. To travel solo and to open oneself to the world is to be able to give oneself choices over several possibilities of life. And these several possibilities of life, you can do several alternately.

To get the best of you

Traveling helps to get the best of us. When you are stuck in the daily routine, you are too much compared to others, we are too many points of reference compared to other elements. And that can really hurt personal development. By traveling solo, you will be able to exploit the best of yourself, by which I mean that you will regularly face new, unknown situations. It will be important to surpass yourself to overcome these situations in the best conditions. Getting the best out of yourself, for example, can increase your confidence in everything you see and do. I can guarantee that when you travel abroad in several different countries alone, that you take the means of transport, that you locate on maps, that you must learn the basic words, or that you walk in the street through foreign populations that work differently, you then get a confidence that impresses you. You decouple in yourself many skills that you probably did not know existed. It is not in everyday life that you will improve your sense of direction, it is not in everyday life that you will quickly improve your self-confidence, it is not in everyday life that you will free yourself from the eyes. it is not in everyday life that you will acquire the spontaneity of moving from one place to another without having to plan much. On the other hand while traveling you will be able to develop all these skills quickly, and without the help of anybody.

To get to know you better

Travel is a good personal development element, and it will be stronger if you do it alone. The confrontation with a new environment and the total exit of the comfort zone allow to know each other better.

During the solo trip you are subject to many situations that reveal the true person within you. As we have seen, we must develop our sense of direction, we must develop faculties of adaptations, we must integrate a new environment, we must open to the world available to you. As a result, you will be able to see how you will cope and how you will live it. Because you are in the unknown and you will never be confronted with this in your daily life. And that’s why we talk about self-discovery, to see who we really are. When we are in the daily comfort zone, we may think we really know who we are, but ultimately it is wrong because our way of being is too much relative to the environment around us. During the trip you will learn about yourself in depth. And when we return to the everyday life after performing these experiences, we feel different, and many things change in our vision.

It is by the solitude in the experience that you will succeed the best to structure you, to analyze, to define you at best. And you will gain confidence, proud of what you are doing. You will be able to fully understand your introversion as well as your energy level.

Things that i like in Kaohsiung and you will probably like

The cost of living

I will start with the cost of living. The cost of living in Kaohsiung is attractive compared to the standard of living displayed. This is valid in the city but also in Taiwan in general. Having compared many countries in Asia I can tell you that the relationship between living conditions, level of services, security, with the cost of living, that Taiwan is probably my number 1. Indeed as I explained the security and very good, which means that there is no scam as there is no real risk of theft or aggression, on the same state of mind as Japan . There is also extremely interesting and well developed infrastructure. The transport network is good. Just to see in Kaohsiung there are three lines to get around the city. And it is very nice to use the metro or the circular tram. The standard of living is good, the city is clean. Small supermarkets have everything you need. There is no junk in the streets. In short we have everything we need. But unlike a country like South Korea or Japan you have a much lower cost of living. So understand that the relationship between the proposed quality of life and cost of living is really very nice.

Housing can have some cost it’s true. Although ultimately it is quite affordable to find the right places. The food is cheap, whether in small street restaurants, but also in more upscale restaurants. The price of transport is very modest to walk by subway or take the train and cross the country. There are many visits to do free, and when it is paid the sums are very modest. I also find the price of cheap coffee.

The diversity of the environment

The other thing I like about Kaohsiung is the diversity of the environment. The city is big and there is even as much population as in the capital. However it is possible to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. The city center is quite noisy for sure with all scooters and cars. By taking the tram you can quickly get away from the city center and have a haven of peace.

You do not even need to go far, walk along the ‘love river’, there are no roads and there are trails for pedestrians. The opportunity to walk quietly and admire the view. In parallel to this the city is a large port area but also has a beautiful coastline. You can not find the best beaches in Taiwan here and you can not swim, but you can totally enjoy the ocean view and the beautiful sunset. I like to take the orange line and go to the terminus of this line to the station ‘Sizihwan’, from there I walk to the marina. The marina is also a very nice place. From the marina you can walk along the coastline, see many fishermen and enjoy the view. The environment is much quieter and you can easily go back to the universities of the city. This corner is very well laid out, there are sports fields and a nice beach. This is where I enjoy going at the end of the day, walk and ask me a moment at the end of the day while watching the sunset. You can also see many locals and students come here at the end of the day to admire the view.

There is also an aquatic center. In this place you can also walk on the hills, the opportunity to also make interesting walks and always enjoy the view. North side you can easily access the Lotus Pond to walk or enjoy the botanical garden. And conversely if you want to enjoy the city you can go to the big shopping centers, enjoy the many restaurants, night markets. There are also times to visit and many places to wander around the city.

The cafes

What I like in Kaoshiung, as in Taiwan, are the many cafes. Indeed we can find cafes on every street corner and it’s something important for months. For two reasons, the first is to be able to rest and drink in a pleasant and relaxed. It is always warm enough even if the few months of winter are pleasant, and we often want to drink something fresh. Fortunately there is always a nice place to sit and have a drink. The second reason is that there are also many interesting cafés to stay to work, read or study. So you will see many cafes with locals who are working, or people who are studying. The majority of cafes offer free internet access, which allows you to connect with your device. Another thing is to go to a cafe alone to work or study. This is valid in several Asian countries, and especially in Taiwan.

My favorite choice is the Startbucks located in Shaochuan away from the city center. I love this cafe for its rental. Indeed located right by the water with a great view over the whole of Kaohsiung Bay. It is as interesting to have the view during the day as the sight at night. Regularly I was going to ask myself at the end of the day in this cafe where I could work and relax, observing the bay. In addition I always have room in this cafe which is vast. The room is very nice. To get there I moved to the terminus of the orange line Sizihwan before making a pleasant walk of several minutes to reach the cafe. It is always a pleasure to cross the bridge that crosses the marina. Here again a very beautiful view. I can tell you that I went to this Startbucks almost every day. It allowed me at the end of the day to escape from downtown, to be in a quiet place while being a few minutes walk from the terminus of the orange line.

Pier-2 Art Center

I really like this part of the city and this famous Pier-2 art Center area. The first time I arrived in Kaohsiung, my home was located a few hundred meters from this area. This is the first thing I saw about Kaohsiung and it immediately charmed me. I found this area extremely rewarding, pleasant, original. I have traveled to many places but I have never seen a landscaped area this way. This abandoned industrial area has been completely transformed into the main art center of Kaohsiung City. At Pier-2 Art Center, one can see unusual and fashionable art exhibitions, as well as art installations. But it is definitely the whole of this zone which is pleasant. On top of that we can see the new tram crossing the area on a totally wooded space. It’s a great area to explore and you will not be bored for a second.

There is just too much to watch. With a light breeze coming from the ocean, a walk through the old warehouses will inspire the bizarre creative that lies dormant within you. And it’s really good to sit down and stay in the middle of all these shows. Among the popular installations I can mention Music of Chairs, a work of art illustrating memories of the past. The murals in this area are very colorful and inspiring. Look for the 3D station and the 12 zodiac animals. It’s really a crush and it’s among the best things to see in Taiwan.

Move in the subway

What I like about Kaohsiung is its transport network, including the metro. The first time I arrived I picked up the red line from the airport to stop at the ‘Formosa Boulevard’ station where the famous dome of light is located. I was impressed by the size of the resort with the impressive number of exits.The good thing is that the network is never full, which means that the size of the stations and the frequency of the trams makes that there is never any world and what is it pleasant to be able to take a transport when there is no world. I even thought it was a special day when people were not working because I thought the resort was surprisingly empty.

And to come back to this to move, it is certain that it greatly facilitates visits. So I could move very easily from one end to the other, and especially for a modest cost because as I explained, the price of a ticket is cheap. I also enjoy taking the tram to be able to observe the view as one moves. The principle of the circular tram is very popular and allows to definitely go to all places of Kaohsiung.

Freedom to long time travel

One of the major interests of this way of life and this type of trip is to feel free, physically and mentally. Freedom is defined as the absence of constraints and the possibility of choosing. It is above all a voluntary realization, an attitude. One is free when one substitutes an active attitude for a situation undergone, it is you who realize your destiny instead of suffering it. This is also why the comfort zone can go against freedom because we remain attached to things and finally we undergo the daily life. It is simply impossible to be completely free, except that living in Hermit at the end of the world cut off from everything. However one can find his form of freedom by the thought, the displacement, the discovery 

Freedom and independence are two inseparable terms for me. And these are my most important currencies in life. And that’s why I threw myself in it. The best way to exploit, and to really free oneself to feel free is to travel, what is more to travel alone. Traveling alone is the search for freedom in its totality, freedom of action, freedom of movement, freedom of thought, freedom of appearance, behavior, etc.

In concrete terms, you choose from A to Z the conditions of your trip without the constraint of compromising with other people. You no longer have to take the lead with anyone or do things you do not want. You no longer have to be afraid to go home and resume your daily life after a vacation trip.

As a long term travel trio , finished traveling only for the holidays and having to wait for the next ones. Finished having to choose a single destination because the time is too short. Finished making compromises. From then on you will be able to prepare the trip without thinking of a return, just thinking of the present. You can organize your day at your convenience or sleep in this type of accommodation etc … in short as you understand the logistics is easy and it’s up to you.

Many people have often regretted trips, regretted not having thrown themselves, regretted having spent bad times on a trip because they were not with the right people.

You feel different, you crave freedom, it’s time to prove it. I also emphasize not waiting too long before embarking not to regret. Making that choice does not mean doing it for a decade. You can do it for a whole year and have an incredible experience that you would never regret having done. Even if the goal of a long term trip is to work to have a long-term result over several years. However a year to go around the world, as digital nomadic or not, will remain whatever happens to ever burn in memory. How can we regret to explore the world of months and months?

The answer is that we can not regret. As a result if you are interested there is no hesitation. If you wait for the best time, someone to accompany you or anything else you will sometimes wait a long time to never finally get started. Alone, taking the risk of getting started, you can quickly achieve what you want.

We have a feeling of openness to the very deep world. In the concrete, everything is more fluid, spontaneous, alive … You want to sleep all morning in your tent, you can. You want to eat pizza at midnight to please you, you can. You plan to see a place and finally you made a detour and you will postpone it until the next day you can. You plan to stay working in front of your computer all day, you can. You feel up to hanging out on the streets and can be dating, you can. You have no stress, no pressure, no constraints, and you do not have to be accountable to others. And we feel that many things are possible, and we have ideas in our heads.

What is good as a traveler is that you are free to choose which character you want to be. You can change your behavior and change your personality when you are abroad. In fact no one knows you and you are in an adventure, therefore you have the opportunity to start from scratch, to become someone else and to really be that person you want to be and love.

Get out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone is a kind of manufactured bubble, grouping together a set of daily, regular, habitual situations, both positive and negative. Everything becomes familiar and comfortable because you know what to expect and what to expect. The goal is to stay in a safe state and stay on track. There is little disruption and there are several landmarks to which we can relate. You are finally in a bubble without realizing it and sometimes you wonder how life would be outside, and you are afraid, afraid because it is unknown, afraid not to arrive, afraid to sink … No matter if you feel good or not in your comfort zone, the reality is that you stagnate, vegetate and let the years pass. Things seem reassuring, and then we wake up years later wondering what the point was. And sometimes we have the horrible feeling of having missed many things to stay there. Spend your time building a comfortable structure for years and years for inert goods that you will not remember. This is another subject but the problem is there, the life in the comfort zone is limited to the leisure and the pleasures to fill the time, to fill the routine void which one must respect, to fill frustrations, and one tries in vain to think that we are happy and that it’s good because we bought a bigger television, a more comfortable car, a more comfortable bed. Many people also seek to optimize this area by remaining home, being surrounded as much as possible by others, and owning many material goods. They live even without imagining other alternatives. There are many billions of people on the earth and we stay focused on a few people around us for years, whereas in another place and at another time we might be much more in tune with other people. I think that the comfort zone is contrary to the realization of interesting projects and the desire to live exciting experiences. This prevents us from embarking on or enjoying a solo trip. It prevents us from living things and we lose openness to the world, and its capabilities.


You are not totally yourself because everything you do refers to a daily newspaper, and you only become a relative part of what you have created. You will only live by the interferences around you, people, material goods, work etc…

The larger and older the comfort zone, the more difficult it is to leave it.

Staying in this area thinking that it’s the best way to live is a mistake because it’s finally giving up life and letting time impoverish you.

For me life is not trying to get rich and make the profit to buy a house, a car, full of superfluous equipment, and then sell them, bequeath them etc… There is other way to enrich myself and I am enriching the spirit by discovery and travel.

This analysis adapts perfectly to our subject because traveling alone is one of the best examples of getting out of the comfort zone to be in an area where anything can happen, and we do not know what will be done tomorrow. Traveling alone means being totally out of the comfort zone, there are no points of reference or knowledge to help you, and it is up to you to be perfectly autonomous in an unfamiliar environment, to be able to move forward in your area. trip. And this is one of the interests of traveling alone, which many people do not understand, precisely because they are people totally anchored in a comfort zone. In another country you will face another language, another culture, another mode of operation. Many things that must be discovered and learned to adapt to the environment. The comfort zone does not exist anymore, and you will be able to live more intensely many moments, because you are no longer relative to elements, there is just you in an environment advancing day by day in the discovery. You are totally at the heart of things, you are the central and driving element.

How can you get out of your comfort zone to get to travel alone? For people anxious to do it.

Take a step back from your surroundings and your life in this world to realize that much of what surrounds us does not matter so much and that it would not be so bad to forget them for a while. Look and list what’s really important to you, and you’ll probably list a list of people you care about, and then things you want to keep. And you will realize that objects are only objects, so not essential, and that despite the love you can bring to those close to you, this can not prevent you from going to see other horizons and to stay stuck here . Work by changing beforehand a number of usual you comforting in the choice of your trip. If you have made the decision to travel alone, it is good that you are motivated and that you have specific reasons, so persevere in this choice. Accept the fact that you will have no landmarks and that something goes wrong because it is part of the trip.

I may not be in the best position to talk about it. Indeed, I have never been interested in the idea of ​​building something over the long term, and I have never really had any real interests for objects and all kinds of material goods. However, I stayed in the same place for several years in France, then started traveling, and I was able to ask many questions about it. And it was after my two first three trips, that I totally abandoned all interest in the material to be satisfied with only a small apartment a room, a bed, a table and a computer to live. However, I followed several habits that held me in a frame.

The interest and the advantage of being outside the comfort zone is that you have the impression of living in an adventure, where every day is different, and we take advantage of the present moments without worrying about the future.