Best coffee chain in Stockholm

Stockholm, as many capital, owns his specificities about food and cafe. However, definitley Stockholm is a great place to stay in cafe. First because of his location. In fact during many months of the winter the weather is cold and the days are short. So inhabitants need to find cozy places to stay oudside of their home. Second because of their culture of the cafe, call ‘fika’. This word can be translated by a break to drink a coffee and to eat a cake. But it is also more. It is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude and an important part of Swedish culture. The inhabitants consider that it is almost essential to make time for this every day. It means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee and a little something to eat, or simple to take a rest quietly alone.

So in the city you will see plenty of cafe in every corner on the streets. The quality of the cafes is that it is generally very confortable.

In many locations you will have the possibility to sit on a sofa. Sometimes the half of the cafe is covered by sofa, mixed with chairs and small table. Also it is possible to eat for the lunch. Each establishment propose a range of sandwiches and pastries inside. Added to the traditionnals coffee, tea and other hot chocolate.

You will find the wifi in almost all this big chain of café.

However those etablishments are also expensive, maybe not for Swedish people, but you can consider to pay almost 10 euros just to drink a coffee and to eat a pastrie.

Expresso house


It is one of the main chain that you will find everywhere in Stockholm and in the nordic Countries.  At Espresso House, gourmet coffee is made from beans specially selected from plantations in Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Tanzania. The cafe has a typical style, surrounded by furnitures made of wood, in a typical sandinavian design.

Here a large choice of cakes, sandwiches,  pastries, drinks.

It is great for a quick and perfect meal to relax. Free wifi available.


Wayne’s coffee

Wayne’s coffee is the other big chain that you will find everywhere in the capital, and also at Arlanda airport.

The chain’s particular focus on quality ingredients and authentic cooking was there from the start. All salads, sandwiches and wraps are prepared directly in the cafe. There, you will find cold drinks such as frappuccino, iced teas and smoothies. And if you are hungry, sandwiches, muffins and buns. To finish, also fruit salad, yoghurt with granola and other healthy items are also available. Brief, classical in Stockholm but just unavoidable.

Free wifi available.




Starbucks is an american chain, extended all over the world. And we can see numerous in Stockholm, and a nice in Arlanda airport.

The chain is well-known for its extra-large American muffins and cookies but also has a fine range of light refreshments available such as cold and grilled sandwiches, yoghurt and salads.

Starbucks is the first roaster and retailer of speciality coffee in the world.

Free wifi available.





The food in Thailand

One of the specialties of Thailand is the food I enjoyed and it will be very difficult for you not to like Thai food.

You can find something to eat in just about any street in Thailand, between restaurants, cafes, markets and street vendors, you can spend your time refueling, drinking and eating a bite.

The price of food is not expensive and you can easily eat a meal and drink for 3-4 euros in a restaurant.

Each restaurant offers a wide range of Thai dishes and it is often very difficult to choose. The rice, noodle and pasta dishes are the cheapest, counting some extra bahts for meat or salads.

In the main restaurants of the cities are also offered some Western meals, so you can enjoy if you want to fries, a classic burger and other pasta to Italian.

In street restaurants you will often be entitled to a map made by hand and then laminated. The comfort will be rudimentary and you will eat on plastic tables or even wooden tables under a stand.

The big advantage of Thai food is definitely eating fresh produce.

Many products are directly manufactured in Thailand, like seafood, fish, rice, tropical fruits etc … There are no tons of intermediate in the final product that we will consume.

In this way when you walk in the street you will find many stalls with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meat skewers etc …

It is truly a pleasure to enjoy the juice of a coconut freshly opened before our eyes, or to take a fruit salad with mango and other pineapple during a break.

The flavors are delicious because of the mixture of herbs and spices. Each dish, thanks to it has a sauce that raises all the food.

Many tourists have questions about the quality of hygiene in restaurants and especially street restaurants. However hygiene is respected and it is rare to have a problem with that. When in doubt avoid raw and privileged fish and meat products cooked.

However the change is radical between the dishes of your country and those of Thailand, consequently it is a brutal change for your stomach, and it is not uncommon to wipe a few words of stomach at the beginning of the stay because of this sudden change.

In the same way, because of the temperature, and the fact that the water is not really drinkable, you will buy regularly cold drinks in the supermarkets, and you will order in your coffee poses a drink every time. The tea is very good and it is one of the classic soft drinks in Thailand. It was my favorite accompaniment to my meals there, I always ordered a glass of fresh tea. In addition it is not a small portion of tea that provided you, but rather a small Carafe, the equivalent of almost 50 cl.

Here are some typical Thai dishes that you will meet:

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a dish of fried rice noodles that contains egg, sometimes chicken or shrimp, vegetables and accompanied by lime and peanut. The snack is to adopt it.


The chicken satay is a dish made of chicken with walnut sauce (sometimes it’s spicy).

Khao Man Gay


This is the basic dish par excellence served in popular restaurants: chicken, rice, cucumber and broth. This dish is actually of Chinese origin but has won the hearts of Thais (and mine, at the same time). The rice is cooked with a broth that contains fat and chicken skin, which gives it a very soft texture

Tom Yam soup


Served without noodles, Tom Yam soup is a very fragrant traditional sweet and sour soup. It contains lemongrass, kaffir lemon leaves, galangal, fish sauce … It’s always one of the first courses you’ll learn if you decide to take cooking classes in Thailand.

Green curry dish, red or yellow



It’s creamy, made with coconut milk, yet it’s aromatic and spicy. Green curry is usually the most spicy. It is made with chicken, beef or pork, sometimes you can also choose seafood shrimp.

Thai curry is more like soup. It is served in a bowl and you add rice. You can often see kaffir lime leaves, small pieces of bamboo or tiny green Thai eggplants.

Three best coffee chain in Bangkok

Here i compare three of the most important coffee chain in Bangkok. But also available in other places in Thailand.


Starsbucks coffee

It’s the big, and certainly the most trendy in Thailand. In general, I find the staff at Starbucks very friendly and the cafes very good. However a bit expensive for a coffee …

A medium-sized cappuccino will cost you 95 Baht. Go ahead and expect to pay 120 Baht.

The cakes are a bit expensive too, with basic muffins at 65 Baht, and a piece of strawberry cheesecake at 95 baht. You will have some sofas to sit, depending on the location, otherwise it will stay on the typical wooden chairs.


Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon has a unique place on the market because it offers a full menu of food, doubling as a restaurant of sorts. It is therefore interesting to ask and then to eat.

It is rather elegant, with many rooms offering huge comfortable chairs and a flat screen TV. Most chairs are also upholstered. Black Canyon is probably the cheapest commercial chain for drinks. They also have a good choice of food. For 85 baht you get an ice cream mocha, and you can eat a nice dish like fish steak, french fries and salad for less than 200 baht. Thai food here is not bad either, although naturally more expensive than roadside restaurants.


World Cafe

Coffee World gives us the impression of an independent café with a more unique style.

The drinks in the coffee world are about the same price as Starbucks, but can be more expensive on larger sizes and more exquisite products like Shacha Green Tea Shake with whipped cream, which comes to 140 baht.

The cakes also run over 110 Baht on more refined themes, although a chocolate almond brownie is a reasonable 55 Baht. The coffee here is good without being exceptional. The rooms are comfortable.