The system of compromises

What is the compromise system to choose a country ?

The system of compromises means that if there are not really good or bad countries, there is a reality which is compromise. Compromise is thus maximizing what you will like and giving less importance to what you will like less. You will therefore have to choose one or more countries that meet your preference criteria. If your preferred criteria are the climate and the cost of living, you will surely have to make compromises on infrastructure or pollution. This is an example but it is not true for all countries. Let’s say that what you will appreciate less should be less important than what you will appreciate.

Everything is compromise

Everything is only compromised, that’s what you need to understand. There will always be things that will not please a country. It will be difficult to appreciate everything. The difference is then made essentially in the daily impact of the things you do not like, and conversely the impact of the things you like. If according to your criteria there are many more negative points than positive points in a country, it is clear that it will not be a good choice. If, on the other hand, in a country, there are many positive points in connection with your criteria of choice, there is a good chance that this country is a good option for expatriating.

Let’s take my exemple

I will thus give you a concrete example based on my own experience, and two countries for which I have spent a lot of time, and which I appreciate. These two countries are Thailand and Japan. They are very different on a lot of points, and yet these two countries appeal to me as an expatriate, let’s say it depends on my desires of the moment. In Japan I like security, I appreciate the fact that all the places are very clean, that one can walk quietly. There is also solid infrastructure. I appreciate the work mentality that is out there. In addition there are several seasons and we can therefore enjoy nature every month of the year. There are rules that you can’t find anywhere else as well. Everything I just told you I appreciate, however you have to compromise to be in this system. Indeed, it is not easy to integrate in Japan, which can be a hindrance. You obviously have to know a significant part of the language to work there. The rules are good, but at the same time, there can be a little too much, which is sometimes a bit cumbersome. We must also add a high cost of living, especially in terms of housing. It is therefore a story of compromise between positive and negative, the place of positive and negative depending on the criteria. Also be aware that your criteria may evolve and change over time. You can thus appreciate a country at a given moment, and feel the need to change because your criteria evolve over time, which is normal.

Take a glance on Japan

In a very different style, Thailand also has several criteria that I find pleasant, but again everything is about compromise. I thus appreciate the climate during the winter season. The lifestyle is laid back and it really allows you to live a different lifestyle. There is less importance on material comfort. The cost of living is interesting. It is possible to find lots of very nice accommodation at low cost. The shops are open very late at night and you can live a good part of the time outside. On the other hand, there are compromises to be made. Indeed it can be very hot, at a level that is really difficult to bear, and you have to constantly live with air conditioning. The lifestyle is relaxed, sometimes a little too much, which can cause problems. He may have scams. Cleanliness can also leave something to be desired. These two examples show that there are compromises to be made. There are thus no better or worse countries once you understand that it is a personal choice, which is therefore subjective. Everything is thus a question of compromise, this is the reality for making the choice, it is for this reason that we must use a comparative table.

Take a glance on Thailand

Conclusion to choose a country to stay

The conclusion about trade-offs is that there are obviously some countries which are objectively much better than others. Once this is done, within this circle of countries, it will be the compromises that will take precedence and the importance of your criteria that will take precedence. If you think that the cold is not for you, you will choose a type of country, if you think that the most important is the infrastructures, you can choose other countries. The aim is to give a degree of importance to the basic criteria. You have what you like and what are called non-negotiable. Then, it’s up to you to choose according to your criteria of importance. As a digital nomad like me, it is also possible to choose few countries where we can feel good, and depending of desires, we can move regularly from a country that we like to an other country that we like too. This is a big advantage to be digital nomade.

Opening bank account in Thailand

In this article, I will tell you about the way to open a bank in thailand. In the past, it was quite easy to open a bank in Thailand, even with a tourist visa. Today, it has become more complicated, so you should preferably have a residence visa, or a work visa, or any justification to prove that you are staying in Thailand for a while. Which is logical, because there is little point in opening an account if you stay just a few weeks.

I took an Elite visa, and thanks to this process, I can be resident in Thailand for several years. From there, it’s easy to open an account, and it takes a lot less time than in countries where you can be native. To open an account, I simply asked an intermediary to open an account. He therefore offered me two banks, Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn Bank. For other types of visa, all you have to do is contact one of the main banks in the country and then open an account. For the rest, little paperwork to do, just a form to fill out, indicating some basics on your activity, to finish with a bank card. There is no subscription for the bank card, just 500 baths to buy the card and it can then be used without a subscription, which is very interesting.

Bangkok Bank

Bangkok Bank is Thailand’s largest bank and is traditionally known as being the friendliest bank to non residents. It has great exchange rates for international wire transfers and Bangkok Bank has many branches across the country. Bangkok Bank also has branches in New York and London which means you can link Paypal account to a western branch and link the accounts for transfer, making the process simple and just waiting a few days for your money abroad to turn up in Thailand.

Kasikorn Bank

Kasikorn Bank is also great for foreigners. They issue cheque books to non residents although cashing foreign currency checks can be a bit tedious with the bank. Different branches of Kasikorn Bank may treat foreigners differently, thus you may need to hunt around for some time.


Citibank a worthwhile option for foreigners, especially when you want to do cross border banking frequently. Nonresident depositors who may deposit more than 3 million THB with Citibank get their account upgraded to a gold status. Their credit cards can earn you points to redeem with Thai air.


CIMB Malaysian bank group that also has branches across Thailand. You can open a bank account with them using a tourist visa alone and they also allow foreigners to use their internet banking services. You will be required to place an initial deposit of 1000 THB and pay a debit card fee.

Rommaninat Park Bangkok


An excursion to the rommaninat park in Bangkok. After several trips, I decide to take regular walks over a time lapse of 2 to 3 hours, or even times of half a day. The goal is not to visit intensively, but to make excursions from time to time to interesting places. I look at a map and discover potential places.


This park is small compared to the big parks in Bangkok. It is interesting because it is located in the historic city center of Bangkok, all close to the Sam Yot station on the metro line. Nearby, it is possible to see the most important monuments of Bangkok. A charming little park with an outdoor gym, but also some interesting statues. Obviously, many locals who come to do their jogging and their sport. In the surroundings, there are the traditional Thai districts, far from the high buildings of the lively districts.


Rommaninat Park is built on the site of what was the notorious Klong Prem Central prison. Klong Prem Central prison was established in 1944 and developed into the prison where Thailand’s worst offenders, including prisoners awaiting execution, were housed. By 1960 this small city centre site became very overcrowded and Klong Prem Central prison was moved to a new location in the north of the city. The Maha Chai Road facility re-purposed to become Bangkok Remand Centre. Eventually this facility also outlived it usefulness and most, but not all, of the prison building were demolished and a park was created in 1992. Rommaninat Park is now a wonderful green space in an otherwise very built up part of Bangkok. The only reminders of the very unpleasant prison that once existed there are two observation towers, a section of the old prison walls and the adjacent Corrections Museum.

Benjakitti Park Bangkok


The city of Bangkok does not have a lot of green space. Fortunately you can find pleasant parks in the city center. These parks are real breathing areas in central Bangkok. One of the specificities is to see many tall buildings around these parks. It is located near BTS station Asok and MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.


Benjakitti Park is one of the most interesting to see because you can walk around an artificial lake. This park is not directly accessible at first glance. On the other hand, it is very interesting. One more time. Located near the Asok MRT station, one can find many expats. Indeed it is the park where I saw the most foreign people walking. An ideal place to breathe, to walk, to run, or to simply relax. The parks are well maintained, are very peaceful, and it is always a pleasure to walk in them to get out of the mass urbanization of Bangkok.


In the middle of the modern and busy Asok area of Bangkok lies the Benjakitti Park, which opened in 2004. This piece of green with a large lake can be found between the tall buildings and opposite the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre. In the Benjakitti Park you will find, besides the many flowers and others of course clean, two fountains that are worth a look. In this park you will also find bicycle and walking paths, playgrounds, skate ramps, a centrally located pavilion and a courtyard where you can picnic and rest from your walk.

Bangkok Chao Phraya Sky Park

I decide to make small regular excursions in unknown places. The goal is not to make long days of visit, the goal is to make slots from time to time on unknown places which seem interesting on a map. I thus discovered this new urban park. Difficult to access, it is not easy to find the entrance. The view is magnificent from the park and it is truly a little known place. In short, it was a pleasure to discover this place and to take some pictures.

The new Chao Phraya Sky Park Bridge is a beautiful pedestrian walkway, approximately 280 meters long, and 8.5 meters wide. This bridge is placed between the highway on the Phra Pok Klao Bridge. For ease of use, the construction team has also installed lifts inside the park.It is a new and welcoming site to the previous superstructure that was left unfinished in 1992 by then Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda and his government. For over 30 years, the place had starkly reminded residents of the old Lavalin Skytrain project, one that had it been completed, would have been a game-changer in the city’s transport system.

Tropical trees decorate the walkway around the park as the Makoknam, Yeetho, Cha Khoi, Toyting Uang Mai Na, and Bai Tang Rien. People living in this area, both sides of the river, can now enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the river and surroundings. It is also a charming space for an afternoon or evening stroll. It is not allowed for cyclists to ride a bike through the park, cyclists must dismount and walk the bikes across the bridge.

Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok

History of Wat Arun

One of the most beautiful temples to explore in Bangkok. Wat Arun is close to my location. I am located in Silom and I have the metro right next to it. From there I can easily get to the historic city center of the city. The historic city center being a part little served by the BTS metro system. However, it is possible to take the metro and easily walk to many of the main attractions. Wat Arun is located on the other side of the river, so you just have to cross with shuttle boats that cross the river for a few cents.

Wat Arun was envisioned by King Taksin in 1768. It’s believed that after fighting his way out of Ayutthaya, which was taken over by a Burmese army at the time, he arrived at this temple just as dawn was breaking. He later had the temple renovated and renamed it Wat Chaeng, the Temple of the Dawn. It used to be the home of the Emerald Buddha before the capital and Palace was moved to the other side of the river. This can now be seen at the Grand Palace.

The central prang was extended during the reign of Rama III (between 1824 and 1851) and is now one of the most visited sites in Thailand. It was also Rama III who added the decoration of the spires with porcelain so that they glimmer in the sunshine.

After this history, it is in my opinion I think one of the best temples in Bangkok. There is also a very nice view from above. Maybe a little less known because it is located on the outer shore, it is without a doubt one of the best temple in bangkok. Entrance for 100 baths for foreigners.

New trip in Bangkok

Staying for long time in Thailand, again in the city of Bangkok. After some interesting but not exceptional experiences a new experience in Bangkok. Nice accommodation in the trendy Silom district. Close to the BTS Sky train of Sala Daeng and the metro station of Silom. It is therefore possible to go to the trendy city center in less than 30 minutes. There are also many neighborhoods in the Silom district. Lumpini Park is located next door, a very pleasant park where all the locals come to relax and play sports. A good experience for localization.

I discover new things because the city of Bangkok is very big. I can discover the historic city center again a moment later. Some places are obviously seen differently when we visit them at different times.

The weather is hot and it doesn’t rain too much. On the other hand, when it starts to rain it is better to be sheltered. Lots of coffee to work with, this is obviously one of the positive points, so it is possible to change every day. Bangkok city center also makes it possible to live among the rich Thai population, which is another approach of other provinces. Inequalities remain significant when walking in the street.

Full time in Thailand

Back to Thailand, this time for the long term and for two reasons. The first is that I am completely free financially and this allows me to be able to stay in Asia as I wish with a long term visa, which was not the case the last time I was in Asia. The second reason is that it is not possible to go to other places in Asia anyway. Also, coming here was an investment with the situation. I wish things had turned out differently for my travel plans in Asia.

Fortunately, it helps alleviate the situation, to be in a place where I wanted to travel and stay put. The advantage is that the cost of living is low, which allows me to have more flexibility in terms of spending with my online business. With what is happening today for travel to Asia, we will say that it allows us to remain positive.

Although I still find it difficult to accept the fact of not being able to do the projects that I had, I am happy to be in Thailand because I have the habits that I want and I would say that without being able to move freely , there is no better place for months than to sit quietly. A simple life with nice little apartments, cafes, the sun, an exotic atmosphere, online work, all for an affordable cost of living. I like this simplicity of life, the one I was looking for to be at peace, and which I can currently enjoy, without worrying about any particular obligations. Freedom as the key word.

Quarantine in Thailand

Return to Asia and Thailand. After weeks of struggling to get a Visa to be able to go to Asia, I managed to get my long term visa for Thailand. Although it is not a business visa, this visa gives me access to a resident card in Thailand for a time and to benefit from a number of advantages. Given the current situation, I had to find a good compromise between the benefit of the card and the expense. And i don’t regret this solution.

The two week quarantine is compulsory for all those returning to the territory. It is therefore necessary to book a hotel approved for quarantines as well as insurance. During the two weeks it is impossible to go out. Fortunately hotels are generally good quarantine qualities. Quarantine is obviously not free, and there is something for all prices. My hotel is located south of Bangkok, a bit remote in the countryside. I am in a modern room of 30 m2. It’s small to stay there for two weeks but it’s comfortable. The meal is placed in front of the door in trays three times a day.

This is the hotel of my quarantine

You can find list of hotels for quarantine

Being far from the city the environment is calm and there is no noise. The internet connection is also good, which allows me to work efficiently on my computer. I never wondered if it was going to be difficult or not because I wanted to achieve my goal of landing in Asia again and there was no other solution. Quarantine is indeed not fun, but when you know that you will be able to enjoy and do what you want afterwards, it allows you to stay positive. The mere fact of finding Asia gives me energy and a smile. Working online also helps me a lot in my day.

Stockholm in winter

Stockolm in winter it is also a particular climate. In Stockholm longer than expected I was not necessarily prepared for winter. After mild weather, the real cold of Scandinavia has arrived for a Swedish capital entirely under the snow with regular temperatures ranging between -10 ° and -15 °. With these temperatures the weather is sunny and the snow is constant. Fortunately the city is equipped and all transport functions normally with the vagaries of the climate. Although in town, one of the advantages of this situation is to observe magnificent landscapes under the snow. The streets are also completely snow covered, which gives a special charm. The day begins to gradually increase with more hours of brightness.

One of the most beautiful views in the city. It is an observatory which is located in the center. It is an hill in the city center. Observatorielunden is a green oasis only a stone’s throw from the throbbing pulse of Drottninggatan. There is an observatory in the park that goes back to the 1700s. One wing, from the end of the nineteenth century, contains Kafé Himlavalvet, known for its delicious waffles and toppings from a special waffle menu.